Sunday Sevens #53

It’s Sunday again, so time for another #sundaysevens – the brainchild of Nat at Thread and Bobbins. Sunday sevens is seven photos that sum up your week, but aren’t enough for post of their own.


  1. Last Sunday we visited Cotehele and walked along the bank of the Tamar.

Cotehel - River Tamar

2. We found this artists studio and thought of Wolfberryknits


3. When we got home, lovely husband discovered that you can wear the cool bag as a  jetpack backpack.


4. Sunday evening we snuck to our favourite pub for tea, but they had a do on, so we went to the Elephant’s Nest and found this wonderful chap over the fireplace.


5. And here’s the yummy fish pie I had.


6. Scaffold has now been added to the front of the house as the rotten barge boards are being replaced. All this noisy work is going on right outside my office!


7. Found these in Debenhams. Does anyone really buy them?


Hope you’ve had a great week!

Bekki Hill

43 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens #53

  1. Jeepers, Sunday again – already! What are those things the lovely hubby is holding? My guess is maybe cushions……? Love the train! But then I quite lust after Bianca’s too ………… every crafter should have a train, wouldn’t that be great fun!!

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      1. I love that train, gorgeous!!! :)) My train is ex-Queensland rail, they occasionally sell off the old carriages quite cheaply but the expense comes in moving them I believe….this one was here already, I know it was moved here by truck from Eumundi which is about 45 minutes away…I cannot for the life of me imagine how they got it into position halfway up the steep hill (or carved out a pad for it in solid rock or made the concrete footings, it’s forty feet long and weighs many tonnes) it gives me a stress headache thinking about it so I just prefer to imagine it materialised there one day 🙂 if you are into such things, the way I manifested it was to put a photo of a beautiful gypsy caravan on my vision board 6 months earlier as my dream studio. I guess the universe knew all my stuff wouldn’t fit in one though. 🙂

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      2. Wow! Good job someone else did all the hard work 🙂 Once before you told me to be careful what I wish for, so maybe I should think a bit harder about this and ask more exactly for what I want – as you point out the universe will always mould it a bit anyway.

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      3. Thank you. I hope so, but I haven’t made a vision board for ages and right now I’m making plans so would be a good time to make one. Although I’m good at worrying too – which of course is counter productive.

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  2. Your lovely hubby is very photogenic – with a sense of humour to go with it. Love the new back pack. Some great photos again, Bekki. The view along the Tamar is lovely, and that artist’s studio is excellent. It’s amazing what old railway carriages can be made into. As for the scaffolding outside your office, it seems it’s a case of ‘just grin and bear it’.
    One finds some strange things lurking in Debenhams!

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  3. I’m struggling to find something nice to say about those cushions but presumably they’re for little girls under the age of ten who, no doubt, will think they’re the cutest things ever! I love the idea of a carriage or something equally bohemian at the bottom of my garden, what a dream that would be! The elephant’s head reminded me of a project in Love Sewing this month that I promised to make for The Boys so I really must get on with that. Hope the works on your house aren’t too disruptive:)

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  4. Your husband appears to be quite a silly person–I approve. Life is much too ridiculous to be serious about. 😉 Love the train cars but I wonder about temperature of a metal train car sitting in the sun . . . probably works okay in the UK, but not such a great idea here in the desert! Hoping for a quick wrap-up of the construction work and prompt return to peace and quiet.

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    1. Thanks. It’s odd our house, the people before us spend a fortune on some things then missed some really important bits, such as the rot. So fortunately not too much building site activity 🙂


  5. I wonder if you could call your Dearest Hubby ‘Mr. Jetson’ from now on?? LOL Brave guy too, for posing with Deb’s cushion range in public and on film (Double LOL) 😉 Love the carriage studio, wish I’d space for one in my garden 🙂

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