A nice quick project – or was it?

As some of you know my dear Mr Hicks has not been blessed with the best health. We therefore know the staff at our totally excellent vets a lot better than most dog owners.


When we heard last week that one of the lovely nurses had given birth to a baby boy, I dropped all my knitting and whisked up a pair of booties.

Converse Bootees

It’s been a while since I knitted anything so small. Before I started I thought it would be satisfying to start and finish so fast – even if the ends seemed to take forever to sew in. But in the event, like eating a cream cake, the experience was over far too quickly.  Although I was pleased with the end product, I couldn’t help feeling there was something missing. Proving, I guess, that for knitting at least, the journey for me is as important as the destination!

Are there any projects you’ve felt disappointed with because you’ve finished them too quickly?

Bekki Hill

PS This is the pattern I used http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/converse-booties

55 thoughts on “A nice quick project – or was it?

  1. I felt the exact same way about my fist pair of socks! It’s weird because I do want to finish projects so I can gift or wear them but then I’m sad I’m no longer knitting them. You hit the nail on the head. This is exactly like having a piece of cake 🙂

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  2. They are lovely little bootees Bekki – I would love to have a reason to knit some. I am sure the mother will be very happy to see them arrive 🙂 I don’t have your issue of slight dissatisfaction – except when I do actually eat some cream cake – I love things that come together quickly as so often my projects, like yours, are time consuming.

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  3. ‘No!’ would be my honest answer – if I enjoyed making something, was pleased with the result and it was quick to make I’d be delighted and it would just encourage me to make more. Adorable bootees – I’d be trawling for pregnant family/friends/strangers to make them for;)

    I do feel for you with Mr. Hicks’ health problems. We had a beautiful golden retriever for eleven years. She was lucky with her health throughout most of her life but suffered with very bad arthritis towards the end. What is it with golden retriever faces though? They always look so sad. I think it’s the soulful eyes.

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      1. I know what you mean.When Hugo was six months he ate a pheasant.He had to be opened up as the feathers were stuck.They came out fully intact. HE doesnt learn and still picks up anything dead he finds and tries to eat it.sigh. Recently we discovered a lunp in his mouth.So the vets are monitoring it and if its not shrunk in a week he has to have a biopsy.I can’t believe one dog gives us so much worry! X

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      2. Oh they eat everything don’t they – and yes, in big chunks. Hicks has a really bad skin allergy and being allergic makes him more prone to eye and ear infections as well as hideous hotspots on his skin. It took us years to get on top of that – immunotherapy gave us 2-3 of years off but then the skin became unstable again and I constantly have to do all sorts to keep them at bay – thankfully though his ears and eyes are mostly fine. We’ve also had a lot of tummy trouble because there’s a lot upsets his stomach. He’s also snapped both cruciate ligaments, which is a two surgeon operation and a very long recovery, especially the first one. He’s also had two malignant tumours removed. On top of that he’s had cuts that won’t heel, two operations to remove the wires from the cruciate operations and all sorts of minor injuries because he’s such a live wire. I reckon we’ve had £30K plus from the insurance! I do hope Hugo’s lump turns out to be a nothing. Let me know how he goes. xx


      3. Oh gosh no how can all that have happened to one dog.Poor thing.And poor you.He sounds a good advert for having pet insurance.Fingers and paws crossed on a good outcome for his latest illness.xx

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  4. Love the booties, I did the converse booties in pink and had exactly the same problem…in fact I ended up knitting four of them, making the excuse they they weren’t ‘perfect’ so had to try again 🙂 currently knitting a bizarre and kind of gross surprise for my M and don’t want it to end either, so much fun!! 🙂

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  5. Awesome booties, what a lovely way to thank staff! I am sorry to hear about your dog’s illness, it is hard to see them suffer – poor boy. At least having good staff at the vets means he gets the best care and of course love from you.

    – I like small projects myself as I tend to get bored making something big – if it is a big thing I tend to do it in chunks.

    As for quick projects – I love making cushions and last year I made some tweed cushions, it was Autumn so working with such a warm fabric felt very comforting. They were made in a jiffy, tweed is delightful to work with, and like you say it was all over too soon. There is a bit of a debate as to how many cushions are needed in a home with Mr D, so I might have to start making them as presents.

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    1. Thank you. Yes, we’ve been very very lucky with our vets. I agree cushions are a lovely quick make. I’m satisfied with them though because I’m always amazed when my sewing goes well 🙂 And no, of course you can never have too many cushions.


  6. No, I love quick projects. Especially when they are as effective as this. Only you know they were speedy to make up. Anyone who doesn’t knit would see these as a truly amazing and time consuming piece of work, unachievable for most.

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  7. Poor Mr. Hicks ;-( Please give him a hug from me!
    Your little bootees are so sweet I bet new mum will love them 🙂
    Sometimes I have mixed feelings about finishing quick projects – depends on how they turnout, I think – if it’s a good result, then I probably start a similar one straight away 😀

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    1. Thank you. Hicks says thank you too and sends you a snuggle. That’s interesting, I tend to like to do something different when I finish things. Mind, I still can’t believe I’m complaining about finishing something quickly!

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      1. I really appreciate the snuggle 😉 Even though I might do something similar, if it turned out well, It’s still unique in it’s own right. LOL today has seen me complete another Christmas piece then move swiftly on to create a Sausage Dog applique cushion. which should be finished by tomorrow – suppose that speaks volumes on how my creative wanderings play out??! 😉

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  8. I do feel like that so then go and make some more until I’m bored of that particular project! I’m almost at that stage with these lace scarves I’m knitting for Christmas presents. Four down, three to go. You could always make some more and donate them to your local baby unit? Hope Mr. Hicks perks up soon:)

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    1. I’m not sure I want to knit more – but a great thought about the baby unit for when I get a bootee knitting itch again. Poor Mr Hicks has had so much ill health over the years, but he keeps on smiling. Currently awaiting results of another blood test and he has an ECG on Tuesday 😦

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