Sunday Sevens #52 (me7)

It’s Sunday again, so time for another #sundaysevens – the brainchild of Nat at Thread and Bobbins. Sunday sevens is seven photos that sum up your week, but aren’t enough for post of their own.

I haven’t strayed far this last week so the photos are all pretty domestic…

  1. Finally tidied the pantry on Bank Holiday Monday.


2.Found this brute while cobweb on eradication duty in my office. You may have heard my scream.


3. When we moved in, we knew there was quite a lot of rot in our outside woodwork. Although we had a few ’emergency’ repairs done last year, last week the real work started. Turned out my poor veranda was practically mush and wouldn’t have stayed up much longer…


4. On Wednesday we won the pub quiz. Here’s our prize…


5. Found some black blackberries, but they were as hard a rock.


6. Used the tweezers on my key ring Swiss penknife, for the first time in twenty years, to remove a thorn from Mr Hick’s paw.


7. Of course I can’t mention HRH without posting a picture of him and anyway it’s been such an uninteresting week I have no clue what else to post.

Mr Hicks

Hope you’ve had a fabulous week!

Bekki Hill

37 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens #52 (me7)

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  2. I was wondering who that was screaming! It’s spider season here too. A sinister spider cleverly builds his web by the front door every night as the porch light is being left on for my daughter who is returning home late from her studies at the university. She hates spiders (as much as I do) and has to brave entering our home past his massive web. Your pooch looks very happy to be rid of that thorn.

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  3. Well, not a bad week, I’d say – I didn’t tidy a darn thing. Your pup is such a happy, smiley fellow! And good job eradicating that nasty beast. I think the webs are fascinating (before I demolish them), their occupants – eww, no.

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  4. Nice tidy pantry now, Bekki! Well done. How long will it stay that way? And that spider looks a handsome beast. I wonder what happened to him after that piercing scream disturbed my nap… Congrats on winning the quiz, too. Your domestic week sounds rather nice, although I don’t know why your blackberries are so hard. We’ve been having lovely ones for a few weeks. Mind you, Nick looks after them – prunes the bramble and all that. Great photo of HRH. 🙂

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    1. Yes thanks, it’s being saved with lots of TLC from the carpenter/painter. Mind it still won’t be perfect unless they completely dismantle it, which unfortunately will cost far too much!


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