In my drive to play with my creativity, take a more experimental approach and not worry about creating an ‘end product’, I’ve been knitting a few swatches to see how some patterns knit up. Sometimes I’ve been working on patterns I’ve made up, other times patterns from books. Here’s what I’ve done this week. I’d love to know which is/are your favourite(s).


EXploring 3


Exploring 2

3. And if you turn number 2 over, you get this…

Exploring 1


Exploring 4

Wishing everyone a creative weekend!

,Bekki Hill

34 thoughts on “Exploring

  1. I think all four of these patterns would look good on any swaeter/cardigan, or whatever. I really like the diamond pattern and cable is a long-time favourite. it never seems to date. The last couple of jumpers I knitted, last year, were both cable. I’ve never played around knitting samples/ swatches. I tend to go for sweaters and such like without preamble. Perhaps I should experiment more – it works really well for you. I love the shade of thta first blue. 🙂

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    1. Hi Millie. Thanks for your thoughts. I love cables too, which is one reason why I’m looking at other patterns rather than just jumping straight to cable. Mind, as you say, it doesn’t really go out of fashion – so that’s a definite plus.

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      1. I knitted a jumper with a diamond pattern on ot a couple of years ago, and was ppleaded with that, too. Patterns make garments in plain-dyed wool (as opposed to flecked, or rainbow colours) looks so much more ‘professional’. There’s nothing worse than plain stocking stitch.All you patterns have been lovely.

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    1. Thanks for the suggestion. I did think of that, but the yarn is some pretty nasty stuff I inherited, plus that yellow – and some of the other colours scream a bit. Good point though. Maybe I should be experimenting on something better then I could make it into a blanket.

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  2. I think I like the first one best, but all three are nice patterns that could be very useful!

    I have a ton of yarn that’s less than awesome and I’m planning to incorporate it into home decoration projects. For example, a string of stars for Christmas, knitted pumpkins for fall, that kind of thing. That way the texture isn’t so offensive since it’s not being worn and weird colors can be incorporated with others and get toned down. This will somehow all happen in my copious free time, right?

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    1. LOL! Right 🙂 My problem is I’m still trying to find a decorations that require such loud colours – I’ve no useful red or green. Although I have used the yellow and orange for ducks and maybe the orange will be good for pumpkins..

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