Sunday Sevens #50 (me 5)

It’s Sunday again, so time for another #sundaysevens – the brainchild of Nat at Thread and Bobbins – seven photos that sum up your week, but aren’t enough for post of their own.

  1. Woke up with a bit of a thick head on Sunday. I blame these three…
Lovely Next Door Neighbours and Lovely Husband
Lovely Next Door Neighbours and Lovely Husband

2. Despite my head we made it out the Sandymouth Bay for a walk…

20150816_120926 (1)

3. Part of the cliff looks like a train…

20150816_122433 (1)

4. Was so hungry I ate my lunch at the beach café before I remembered to take a picture…

20150816_132256 (1)

5. On chicken duty while Lovely Next Door Neighbours went for a few days in Cornwall. Rex the Rooster now has ten girlfriends…


6.  Finally been getting gout on my bike regularly again 🙂


7. My friend Julie’s dog, Morgan, has really improved his mud shaking skills…

20150818_102906 (1)

Hope you’ve had a great weekend!

Bekki Hill

21 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens #50 (me 5)

    1. Thank you. Apparently I was one of those children that just attracted dirt, so maybe it’s not all the dogs’ faults. Yes, the eggs are fabulous. Trying to get on top of our garden, so I can have some chickens.

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  1. It looks like your breakfast was very yummy, and in such surroundings you can hardly be blamed for not snapping in time! Love anything to do with dogs (although I sadly don’t one at the moment), so that was a great little muddy story….but Rex and the girlfriends! That made me laugh out loud.

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