I often find myself thinking, ‘Doh! of course I knew that’ about my creative behaviour. However last night, when I found myself messing about with a super chunky yarn from my I-have-absolutely-no-idea-where-this yarn-came-from-or-how-I’m-ever-going-to-use-it stash, I realised I was acting on 3 of the 1o points on my list of what I’d (re)learned in six months of blogging:

  • I don’t spend enough time ‘playing’ with my creativity.
  • I can take things far too seriously.
  • I need to take a more experimental approach.

Rico Bon Bon Yarn - Super Chunky

I rarely work with super chunky, so this was not a natural yarn for me to gravitate to. It therefore felt even more as if it was addressing the three points above . Plus the colours. Really not sure about them. I also only had two balls – so what to knit?

I decided to knit a bag. Once more this was a push out of my comfort zone – I’ve never knitted a bag before – but how hard could it be? Surely a bag is just a slightly shaped tube  joined at one end and with handles at the other? (I may have to backtrack on that statement later.)

Super chunky lends itself well to garter stitch, but I wanted to do something more interesting. I played with a few patterns to see how they knitted up with the variegated yarn over a small number of stitches. I settled on basket stich – it seemed appropriate for a bag – but with a cable running through to make the handles.

Basket Stitch with Cable - Super chunky

This is as far as I’ve got. I’m not convinced right now there’s enough stitches for the pattern to show up within the variegated yarn – although the test sample looked okay. I’ll keep knitting and find out.

Have you experimented lately?

Have a great weekend!

Bekki Hill

26 thoughts on “Experimenting!

  1. Good on you for experimenting! How do we discover new things if we don’t try? I’ve often looked at the super chunky yarn but never purchased any because I have no idea what to do with it! I quite like the colours in the yarn and want to know how the handle turns out. I’m experimenting non-stop with my light catchers at the moment – every one is different.


  2. You could probably have got a cowl type scarf out of two of those balls – I see they are 100g – but that might not have been enough of a stretch for your creativity experiment. I love chunky wool – anything that makes something happen quickly in knitting is my friend 🙂

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    1. Thank you. Glad you can see the pattern. I think I’m still deciding how I truly feel – at the moment I confess it’s the speed I love most, but one of the reasons for experimenting is to work out their place in my works and learn to love more about them. Hope you’re having a fab weekend 🙂

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  3. Why not just knit it, get a feel for how the colours work, and enjoy how they blend together. Experiment with the number of stitches – that gives a pleasing colour change effect and then decide what to make. Sometimes I believe in creative experimentation gives rise to some of the best ideas. Calvinistic approaches are so restrictive- why does it have to be anything? knit it, hang it on a needle and let it rest like a wall hanging, enjoy the way the colours change how the stitch creates structure. When you have lived with it for a while – you can always unravel it and make something from it then but just let go and enjoy being a knitting explorer.

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  4. Ha, basket stitch sounds perfect for a bag;0) I rarely knit in chuncky yarn as well, it does not ‘flow’ which I like so much in the more finer yarns. Experimenting time is arriving, I have to knit a tea cozy for a holliday raffle and adapt the pattern for a specific teapot. Sound like a good project for left over yarn! Have a lovely weekend! xo Johanna

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  5. Your experimental point got me thinking a few weeks back and I am trying to experiment more but I think I am a bit lazy, I see a nice pattern and go with that rather than adapt or create my own. But you have got me trying to be a bit braver and I have a baby project in mind which will mean quite a bit of pattern adapting and also a sewing case that I am halfway through making out of my head with a few ideas pinched from elsewhere 🙂 Have a great weekend Bekki. xx

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  6. Love the colours! I’m a super chunky kinda gal as I like it to grow fast! And bags are what got me back into knitting – I made some cabled ones with cabled handles too. Looking forward to seeing your little experiment come to life! 😀

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  7. I love the colourful yarn but, like you, Bekki, I’m not a great fan of chunky wool. I think it could well make a nice bag – but would you need to line it? I love your little experiments and look forward to seeing how this one turns out. 🙂

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