New Project

I like to have some simple knitting on the go for when I’m a passenger in the car on our windy Devon roads.  A secret project I’m knitting has been all stocking stitch so far.

Stylecraft Special Aran - Moss

However, last week, I finally reached the point when it got interesting, so needed a new local car journey project. I decided to knit a colour block jumper – nice easy stocking stitch with a bit of interest from the colours. So, with a vague vision of a blue and pink combination, I  headed to Rockin’ Beads last Thursday to explore yarns.

Rockin Beads Okehampton

Despite not getting there until about ten to five, Donna patiently helped me riffle through her Aran and chunky yarns. Still with my vague notion forming, I picked four colours of Berge de France’s Magic+ and bought two balls of each.

Berge de France Magic

Home again I sketched jumpers and moved colours and blocks around in my head. Although I liked the pop of colour the turquoise brought to the party, I kept thinking it was too much. After a creative consultation with Lovely Littlest, I decided to return the turquoise and work with just three colours.

Berge de France Magic+ Ancolie, Rosee, Calot

Whilst I was deciding if the turquoise should stay or not, I knitted and blocked a swatch of the deeper pink…


… so by Sunday morning – when we headed out for the beach – I had some knitting to take in the car.

A little more dithering decision making, saw me undoing the rib after a few rows, but it was just finished when we got back home. A trip yesterday evening, to see my niece, who’s holidaying in Cornwall, got a little more done.

Colour Block Jumper Back 2015

I hope all your projects are going well.

Have a great weekend!

Bekki Hill

36 thoughts on “New Project

  1. I would love to be able to do something as a car passenger on windy, windy roads but if I do anything – even look at the GPS – I get car sick. That’s why it’s me that usually drives and knitting would probably not be advisable.

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    1. I get sick looking at things, even if it’s for too long on a straight road, but I can knit rib and stocking stitch without looking, so fine for knitting on windy roads and/or in the dark. Keep practicing, then you’ll be able to knit instead of driving 🙂


  2. LOL to navybluethreads typo! Love your new colour decisions 🙂 !! Like a few others I need to look when I’m knitting – not so well practised these days – and not something I could do as passenger because of it. Look forward to the block colour result! Great to have such a nice shop owner who takes care of her customers too 😉

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