Sunday Sevens #47 – (me #2)

Time for another #sundaysevens – the brainchild of Nat at Thread and Bobbins – seven photos that sum up your week, but aren’t enough for post of their own.

1. On Sunday we had a run out to Wembury.  Below is The Great Mewstone – just off the beach.

The Great Mew Stone Wembury

2. Very grumpy when I dropped a stitch and had to tink back eight rows on the Frost Flowers Shawl.

Frost Flower Shawl Watercolours and Lace

3. But getting on nicely with Eva’s Shawl

Eva's Shawl King Cole Riot DK

4. Swatched some yarn for a new project – camera’s making it look lilac but it’s dusky pink.

Knitting Swatch 5.Our nephew and niece-in-law came for a long weekend on Friday and littlest lovely daughter arrived on Saturday.


6. Spent a few hours competing against each other (and the rest of the village) playing silly games at the village fete. And Lovely littlest daughter won how many pegs can you hold in one hand. Those are the pegs on the line in the distance 🙂


7. Lovely littlest was also the only one brave enough to climb the wall at the Saftey on Datmoor exhibition.


Hope you’ve had  great week!

Bekki Hill

23 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens #47 – (me #2)

  1. What with No.2 Son being Welly Wanging Champion, we’ve raised a couple of Village Fete winners between us! Isn’t there a technique whereby you use a crochet hook just to pick up the one dropped stitch all the way up? I used to know how to do it, and it sure beats unpicking eight rows:)

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    1. We sure have. Shame son No1 doesn’t have the welly wanging power, I think he’s more her age, so we could have sent them on blind date 😉 I spent ages trying to pick it up first with a crochet hook and two cable needles, but the knit together stitches had come undone too and there was no way it was happening without unpicking 😦

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  2. Some lovely snippets – and photos – there Bekki. Some great creative work going on there,too, despite the dropped stitch, and you still time to have fun at the fete. Your Lovely Littlest looks like a very fit and adventurous type, and tackled that wall with gusto. Hope you all had a wonderful time during her visit.

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    1. Thank you. Yes, not much fazes Littlest – or Eldest for that matter. She’s just left with my nephew and niece-in-law, so feeling a bit sad, but have my oldest friend arriving this afternoon, so busy changing beds and cleaning bathrooms too.

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      1. Nothing like a nice dollop of housework to cheer you up, bekki. But I know how you feel about Littlelest leaving again. It doesn’t seem to get any easier over time for me, either. Have a wonderful time with your friend.

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