My Current WIPs

While I was busy working out what pattern to knit with the yellow yarn I bought at Proper Woolly, I calmed my itchy knitting fingers by breaking into the beautiful faded peacock lace yarn I also bought at Proper Woolly.

Watercolours and Lace Silk Wool

I’d earmarked this to knit the Frost Flower Lace Shawl – although I’d call it a scarf.

Frost Flower Lace Scarf and Pattern
The initial lace sections were slow going, but now I’ve reached the vertical columns it’s getting quicker.

As for the yellow cardigan, I’ve been travelling quite a bit and, as I’m making it up as I go along and knitting top down, I’ve cast it on but left it until I can sit at home and pay full attention.

Anya - Casting On

Hope your WIPs are growing nicely.

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21 thoughts on “My Current WIPs

    1. I think I’ve been knitting so long, I kind of know how the shapes form without thinking about it. But not always, I wouldn’t make up a shaped sleeve – but I would make up ones on a yoke or a raglan or drop sleeve. I think this brings to light another reason I’m not tackling a frock, knitting is firmly inside my comfort zone, so easier to stay there. Bad Bekki!

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  1. Your lacy shawl-scarf is looking very good, and coming along nicely Bekki. The pattern is lovely, as is the colour, and I’m sure you’ll enjoy wearing it later in the year. I’m very impressed with your ability to design your own patterns. I’ve done that for doll’s clothes when my children were little, but not for anything larger.

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