My final holiday reveal

You may remember my ill thought through plan to knit a pair of socks in a weekend. You may remember that when my plan failed didn’t succeed, I assigned it to being my handbag knitting. Not having had many occasions to pull it out of my handbag meant that by the time I went to Winchester Writer’s Festival last week, I’d still only knitted this much of the second sock…

Second Sock StartBut as Lovely Husband was following on behind with my holiday luggage the day after, it was the perfect project to take on the train.

The journey to Winchester and the car journey to London on the Sunday were just enough to get the leg finished. The journey out of London on the Monday was too twisty to focus on the heel turn, but once we were on the motorway, I pulled out the sock.

Unfortunately I was working from two patterns at once.

Bekki Hill 4 x 4 Challenge Sock Knitting

Both patterns used a round of 64 stitches. Both patterns had a short row heel turn. But the number of stitches inside the decreases was different for each. Had I brought the first sock with me?


Could I remember which heel turn I’d followed?

Could I heck!

Of course a silly little thing like that wasn’t going to stop me. So I guessed.

I guessed wrong.
I guessed wrong. You may also have noticed that there are gaps between the centre stitches on the LH sock but not the RH – this is down to me changing the stitch distribution on the needles on the second sock.

The heel turn was complete by the time we reached the hotel near Ross on Wye. The remainder of the sock knitted on our journeys around Herefordshire and on the way home. The toe was sewn up with Kitchener stich once I got home.

Bekki's Socks

Eldest daughter talked me into giving these to her before I even got half way down the first leg, so she’s going to have to tell me how much ifference the two different heels are making.

Bekki sock 2

That’s me now all caught up with sharing my holiday knitting.

Have a fabulous weekend!

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28 thoughts on “My final holiday reveal

    1. It is. I didn’t even mean to use two patterns in the first place, until at the twelfth hour I realised the first was on two circular and couldn’t get my head round it, so I think the universe was conspiring for me to learn a lot 🙂

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    1. I think all the wonderful colours in the sock wools you can get is one of the things that makes them so addictive. Funnily enough big daughter nabbed these but is resisting telling me her bust measurement for a jumper!


    1. Agreed, gotta love socks with personality. It will be interesting to too hear if she finds one more comfortable than the other, although one is clearly a better fit, will be interesting to see what the wearing of them throws up.


  1. Well done for getting them done! The difference in the heels is hardly noticeable. I love knitting socks -especially with a self patterning yarn but the pair I’m on at the moment have been dragging on for months.
    Kitchener stitch is great! The finish at the toe never fails to amaze me.

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    1. Thank you 🙂 I think the variegated yarn helps hide the heel difference, but my daughter’s on holiday at the moment, so it will be interesting to see if it makes much difference to the fit/wear of them. Yes agreed, Kitchener stich is a near miracle 🙂 Hope you finish your pair that are dragging soon.


    1. Thanks Millie. Like you I love learning, so it really was a very enjoyable experience. Daughter really liked the yarn though as she had claimed them when I’d barely knitted two inches of the first leg!

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  2. Kim A Howard

    I know that knitting anything on circular or multiple short needles is something I shall never achieve – it gives me terrible cramp in my little fingers. If I can’t knit something on long needles, it’s never going to happen. Well done you – not just for completing the task, but also for your very positive approach to all those little drawbacks. In this weather I won’t be doing any knitting at all – I don’t need an extra woolly layer during the summer months. I’ll stick to trying to reduce my TBR heaps.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m sorry to hear that Kim. So frustrating – sometimes even soul destroying – when we can’t do something because of physical constraints. Although hopefully not being able to do certain things with knitting is always up the frustrating end of the scale. I think knitting smaller things in the warmth is the trick for me – I agree, who needs a woolly blanket in the heat? Mind as we live in the UK sometimes I still need a woolly blanket this time of year.

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