Hello! Hope everyone’s had a great weekend.

If you read my blog regularly, you may remember I was drawn by an unknown, but irresistible, force to purchase some yellow yarn at Proper Woolly. Last week I took that yarn on holiday with me.

Yellow Yarn WooSheeps

I wanted to knit a cardigan, but most cardigans are knitted in double knit. This yarn is four ply, so unfortunately I’d been unable to find a pattern I wanted to knit in the more limited pool of 4ply patterns. I therefore decided to make up my own.

Although I didn’t plan to knit stocking stitch, I started by knitting a stocking stitch swatch for comparison.

Stocking stitch swatch

I felt the yellow very much spoke for itself, so I wanted to create a cardigan with a little texture, but not a lot. I though a short, small cable pattern might be good, so began knitting a swatch. I knew cable would mean more stitches to the inch, but it soon became obvious this needed A LOT more and I was concerned that I wouldn’t have enough yarn.

Short Cable

I swapped to a longer cable, but that still had a lot of stitches to the inch.

Classic Cable

I tried a small twist…

I may have had a glass of wine or two when I did this and I certainly wasn't making a balanced, pattern, but it was pattern enough to decide it wasn't right.
I may have had a glass of wine or two when I did this and I certainly wasn’t making a balanced, pattern, but it was pattern enough to decide it wasn’t right.

Blackberry stitch was next. But my blackberries seemed to spread too far apart. Anyone know why? Is it because I’m using 4ply?

Blackberry Stitch

I then tried another little twisty sort of pattern

Textured Fleck
This felt understated enough without having a tension too dissimilar to the stocking stitch.

And that’s as far as I’ve got. I think I’m going to use this last stitch. But if anyone wants to tempt me with suggestions for other possible stitches, or a great 4ply cardigan pattern, please let me know.


29 thoughts on “Decisions

  1. Oh the joys of creativity! I love them all, but my worry is that three skeins is not a lot for a jumper! I am still making my cardigan have had to re-invent it several times over lack of wool and it is frustrating!

    How about a sleeveless top? or you could combine it with another colour and introduce some FairIsle that would give you more options?

    I am interested to see how you get along!

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    1. Thank you for the suggestions. I too am interested to see how I get on 🙂
      They are quite big skeins and the cardigan will be short – I do however, have very long arms! I am therefore planning on knitting it top down so I can add something near the end to the bottom or in the rib less painlessly if necessary.

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  2. I just had the unfortunate event of running out of yarn whilst my cardigan was not finished…I unravelled it all and knitted a wonderful shawl ;0) (waiting to be blocked) Have you tried to block your swatch with the blackberry stitch and see what happens? I love the color,so pretty!! I look forward to see what you come up with! Cheers, Johanna

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    1. Shame you spent the time knitting it into a cardigan, but great to hear you were pleased with you shawl in the end. Good thought about blocking the blackberry. I’ve blocked all the others, but not that as I thought it wasn’t turning out right. Will give it a go.

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    1. Thank you. I agree the stocking stitch really shows up the colours in the yarn, but I’m loath to just knit stocking stitch – I like a bit more of a challenge – although it would knit up much quicker if I did.

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    1. Thank you. That’s certainly a lovely pattern and one I hadn’t spotted before. Bit concerned it’s awfully holey – or at least the red one looks as if it is – letting what you’re wearing shine through a bit too much for my liking. Love the double buttoned front though!


  3. All the patterns you tried look lovely, but that last one does look and sound perfect for the job. It’s strange how there aren’t many 4 ply patterns about now, It must have gone out of fashion, or favour. I suppose double knitting is most people’s choice nowadays. Perhaps 4 ply is seen as too ‘fiddly’.The yellow has knitted up beautifully, anyway.

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    1. Thank you. I have now cast on in the last pattern, but have been gadding about a lot so that’s as far as I’ve got. I must say, I don’t think I’ve ever knitted many 4ply adult cardigans/jumpers – but lots of baby things in 4ply. I agree though, I think four ply is seen now as fiddly/taking too long for such larges garments.

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      1. ‘Chunky’ seems to be the preferred style now. I like 4ply for’ lacier’ jumpers and things, and I enjoy knitting with it. It does take a lot longer, though. I’ll be interested to see how yours turns out.

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      2. I think you’re right, chunky is preferred because it knits up so quickly, but you’ll rarely see me working above Aran weight and then for cable jumpers. I guess we’re both more bothered about result than speed.

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      3. I almost said the same about me! I’m short and quite broad-shouldered for my height, and chunky makes me look like a little tank. I try to look delicate but don’t usually succeed. 🙂

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      4. I have a niece who is six foot tall. She makes me feel like a real shrimp – which I am, at five two. As for you, you look nothing like Shrek on your photos! No one is ever satisfied with the way they are, so I suppose there’s no point in whinging, is there?

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      5. There isn’t. In fact I’m usually quiet happy apart from the recent weight I have gained that I’m just not getting my head round getting rid of.

        Of course we all put the better photos on our blogs.

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      6. I haven’t got any really good photos of me. Most make me look about 90! I don’t mind looking my age, but not ancient! My daughte,r who’s into photography, says that I pull a face ‘like an alien’ when I pose for a photo. I hate being photographed so that’s probably true. Gaining weight is so easy to do, Bekki. Getting it off is so hard. Lettuce leaves are OK on a hot day with a nice salad, but fish and chips… Who can resist them? Will power just vanishes at the merest sniff. Mind you, summer’s the best time to have a go at a strict diet. how does that old Elvis song go … ‘It’s now or never…’ 🙂

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