What was I thinking?

Our Winnings
Our Winnings

It’s been one of those weeks when by the time I’ve sat down in the evening to knit, it’s almost time to go to bed. Well apart from Wednesday, and that’s quiz night. Which, for once, we won – but only because the Ever Clever Couple won the week before, so were on a five point hit.

Despite the little time I had, I really believed I was in with a shot at finishing the lacy jumper that I started as my first 4 x 4 Challenge.

I was well on target. Reaching the top of the front on Tuesday evening, all I had to do was cast off and sew it up. Or did I?

When I’d finished the back, I wasn’t sure about the width of the neck opening, so I’d knitted as far as I thought I needed to go then put the remaining stitches on a stitch holder. My cunning plan was to knit the front, put all the neck stitches on a circular needle and check how it fitted around my neck. I would then cast off, or do one more shoulder shaping then cast off.  But…

Lacy Jumper on Circular needle

You know when you look back and ask, ‘What was I thinking?’? Mmmm yes, I had one of those moments. I’d been planning a slash neck, like the one in the magazine, so had shaped the shoulders, but not the neck, thinking It’s just a slash. Right?

Four weeks four challenges - Bekki Hill - Lacy Jumper


And worse that that, I could see this from the picture Doh! Worse still, I remembered seeing it in the picture when I was knitting the back.  I know not what possessed me the day I finished the back, but my brain was definitely somewhere else.

Thursday evening was therefore spent staring at my knitting, thinking, holding my knitting up to my neck, thinking, staring at the picture, then repeating that process several times more.

I frogged the front several rows and frogged two on the back – not so time consuming, but very frustrating to think I could have finished, if only I’d switched my brain on when I’d been knitting the back.

Lacy jumper Frogged

Fingers crossed the neck works when I knit it tonight.

24 thoughts on “What was I thinking?

  1. I sympathise with you. Bekki. It’s no fun when plans to get things finished suddenly fall flat. You’ll get there though, so don’t despair. The jumper’s looking good, anyway, and will look even better after tonight. Well done on winning the quiz, too – and the bottle.

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    1. You’re right, I am sometimes and the blog has helped me spot that, but I so wanted to have my jumper finished.

      Frogging is when you pull your knitting off the needles and rip it undone. It’s supposed to sound like a frog saying rivet.

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