Progress on the 4 x 4 challenge, but quite not as I intended

I’m afraid I’ve been telling you fibs done a U-turn. After posting last Friday that I was leaving the socks in favour of finishing the lacy jumper, I spent Friday evening sock knitting. In my defence, I needed to finish the first sock so that I could cast on the second one, so I had some no-brain knitting that would fit in my handbag.

I was in a hurry, so I cast off the toe, but already wishing I'd finished with Kitchener stitch.
I was in a hurry, so I cast off the toe, but I’m already wishing I’d finished with Kitchener stitch.

Proper Wooly LogoOn Saturday I had a wonderful day at Proper Woolly – learning stuff about yarn and adding to my stash – more about that in a full post on Monday.


Mr Hicks - WemburyOn Sunday we took Mr Hicks for a run out to Wembury and I did some sock knitting both ways on the journey.Second Sock Start


I’m still keen to finish the lacy jumper, so Saturday and Sunday’s evening I knitted that. However on Monday morning I had a very very small (no sympathy needed) surgical procedure carried on my left arm. In my yarn obsessed world I didn’t believe that a mere four stitches in my left arm could defeat my superpower of knitting. So I was distraught disappointed to discover they could, and was forced to spend an afternoon on the sofa sulking reading.


Tuesday I was still too sore to knit or crochet, but I had my wits about me now. Time for some research! I read Lara Neel’s Sock Architecture and several blog posts about knitting socks.

Sock Architecture - Lara Neel

I also bought a wonderful pattern from and some yarn for it as if I hadn’t bought enough at Proper Woolly. I also read up on amigurumi. Blame the ducks!

Meet the boys - Little Yellow Duck Project

While I’m mentioning ducks, I’d better fess up… The fourth sibling for the Little Yellow Duck Project has had no work done on him/her all week.

Wednesday I was much improved, but Wednesday is pub quiz night – we lost as usual – so no evening knitting. Thursday is book group, but I do take my knitting and I managed to finish off the sleeves and do a little ribbing.

Lacy Jumper Sleeves and Front Ribbing

So, not as much done as I’d hoped and a bit of a hiccough for the 4 x 4 challenges. But I’ve come out of the week a lot wiser, with lots of ideas for my next projects and lots more yarn in my stash.

What did you change your mind about this week? What didn’t go as you planned? And how did you turn it to your advantage?

14 thoughts on “Progress on the 4 x 4 challenge, but quite not as I intended

  1. I finished knitting the back of a cardigan for me, but it was boring me. So now I have started on a white cardigan for my granddaughter. Her Mum likes white as it goes with everything. But I find white boring too. Only one thing to do, buy more wool! Lots of colours and new patterns. Can’t wait for the postman.£65 isn’t much is it? Hope your arm feels better soon. Love that dog!

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    1. Sounds the perfect solution to me. No £65 is nothing 😉 What are you making with your new purchase(s)? Thanks for the good wishes. As for that dog, love him so much I’m putty in his paws.


  2. Lots going on for you, as usual, Bekki, despite the problem with your arm. It seems progress is being made all round – apart from the fourth little duck. The lacy jumper looks great, and I imagine that changing your mind about future projects will be for a good, well thought-out reason. Hope the arm is back to being ship-shape soon. 🙂

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    1. Thanks for the comments and the good wishes, Yes, when I wrote it all down, I realised I done much more than I thought I would, although I was hoping to be racing up that jumper front by now – just so I can wear it while it’s still summer! If we have one.

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      1. There’s still plenty of summer months ahead of us, so you may well finish the jumper in good time. (Don’t say nasty things about summer… you’ll frighten it away for good! haha) We’ve had lovely sunshine these past two days. Happy knotting /crocheting/writing/wine making/embroidery etc. 😀

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  3. It sounds like you are learning a lot from your four by four challenges (plus the wine-making!) and you’ve made a lot of progress overall! That might be one of the hidden benefits of having several projects on the go – it allows you to be flexible and work on what suits the mood and situation. Hope the arm heals up soon. 🙂

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    1. Than you. I’m sure you’re not lazy and your instinct is just having a wee break. Keep playing with stuff and it will kick in.

      The blue is wonderful. Sometimes I get sick of a colour as I knit it, but ever day I look at this blue and love it.

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