(Almost) Wordless Wednesday – The power of the sea

Two months ago we went for a walk along the beach that runs between Bude and Sandymouth Bay. The tide was low and as we reached Northcott Mouth Bay we  came across the wreck of the SS Belem – a Portuguese cargo ship that sunk in 1917.

The SS Belem had mostly been hidden beneath the sand until February last year, when storms washed away the sand.  It was both an awesome and an eerie sight and incredible to see that the power of the storms could wash away so much sand.  I posted the pictures with some other links here.

The weekend before last we were on the beach again. Once more I found it hard to believe what I was seeing. In the space of six short weeks, the wreck had almost been covered again by sand.

March 21st 2015
May 17th 2015
March 21st 2015
May 17th 2015
March 21st 2015
May 17th 2015


11 thoughts on “(Almost) Wordless Wednesday – The power of the sea

    1. If you read my original post about it, it was uncovered in early 2014, which means it’s been out for over a year then covered quickly in a few weeks, maybe less. So this is presumably weather not just tide dependant. Makes me wonder how many times it’s been exposed and covered again. I’m guessing not too many because it was so well preserved for its age. But then what do I know?


    1. Thank you. The first time it was so amazing to see it had been uncovered and it was really quiet eerie and moving. I just had to take some picture. The second time I was so amazed how quickly it has been recovered, I took the pictures specifically to share on the blog.


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