Week Three – Four weeks four challenges

I’m so excited by the third of my May 4 x 4 challenges, I can hardly sit still to write this post, but just for a wee while I’m hanging on to my excitement, pinning myself down and writing …

My mum taught me to knit when I was very very young. However, she was left handed and no one had be able to successfully teach her to crochet. This part of my education was therefore sadly absent and, as an avid knitter, I didn’t give crochet a second, third, forth or even fifth thought until last year, when I decided I wanted to learn to crochet. I bought a crochet hook and looked at YouTube lessons, but I never quite got to starting. So in January I set learning to crochet as one of my goals for the year.

Crochet Hook and Wool

I wanted to give myself enough time to consolidate my learning once I understood the basics, so knowing I didn’t have time to do it until later on in the year, I put it to one side and got with a busy January… and February… and March…

In April a sign appeared outside Rockin’ Beads in Okehamption…

Learn to Knit or Crochet Sign Rockin Beads

I had intended to learn from YouTube, but how much easier and how much more sociable to be taught to crochet, instead of sitting in front of the screen!

Each time I walked past this sign I was drawn to drop in and book a lesson. But although life was growing quieter, I had started the secret cross stitch. No way had I leisure time enough for learning and consolidating crochet skills.

The day I took the cross stitch into the framers, I walked straight out across the road and booked a lesson.

Rockin Beads Okehampton

My plan for this challenge is quite simple. I’ve been told by Lucie at Love, Lucie that I need to practice a lot to get my tension even. I’m therefore going to crochet every evening, for the next month, for half an hour to an hour to reinforce what I’ve learned and to work on my tension. I haven’t decided what I’m going to make first – but I’ll wait to be advised at my lesson – although I have a few beginner patterns to take along I’d like to chose from. If you’ve got any you love or can recommend please let me know about them.


31 thoughts on “Week Three – Four weeks four challenges

  1. Wahay! Good for you! I’m hoping to start ‘Kitchen Table Workshops’ soon, which will include classes for beginners in crochet, knitting, leatherwork and sewing/dressmaking. It’s all about spreading the love for hand made. You’ll chart your progress on the blog, obviously?

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    1. Thank you. Great to hear you’re planning on starting workshops 🙂 Up until recently I thought these skills had just missed a generation , but was thinking back and even when I was child, I was an oddity because I knitted. They’ve been a long time not being passed down and absolutely we should be spreading the love. Go for it!

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  2. Wooo once crochet clicks you’ll be hooked! When I i first learned I just did rows upon rows of double crochet to practice. I intended to fold the rectangle over, sew up and add a zip. .. never happened unfortunately. But it’s a simple first project idea. I look forward to seeing your Crochet creations 🙂

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  3. Don’t dismiss the humble granny square, there are loads of a patterns out there that use them to make blankets, bags and clothes. And they’re super quick and easy to make! Have fun

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  4. What lovely exposure for us. Thank you Bekki J


    Rockin’ Beads Ltd

    20-22 Red Lion Yard, Okehampton, EX20 1AW

    +44 (0)1837 657614




    Rockin beads-logo

    Go Green

    This is an E-mail from Rockin’ Beads Ltd. The contents of this E-mail are confidential to the ordinary user of the E-mail address to which it was sent and may be privileged. No one else may place any reliance on it or copy, disclose or forward all or any of it in any form. If you receive this E-mail in error, please notify us immediately.

    Rockin’ Beads Ltd does not warrant that any attachments are free from viruses or other defects. You assume all liability for any loss, damage or other consequences which may arise from opening or using the attachments.

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  5. I love crochet -my Gran used to make huge bedspreads sadly she never taught me. A few years ago -after so many failed attempts – I went to my local WI market and asked someone to teach me. She was a lovely lady in her 80s and a very patient teacher. I have never looked back!

    I am sure you are going to love it – but it is frustating at first because you have to get your head round it but it is worth it. Well done for finishing the cross stitch

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    1. Hello! I am very excited about the whole crochet thing. So many things you can do with it that you can’t with knitting. Think I must have a natural affinity with yarn though, as you know, I love my knitting too. Glad you’ve caught the contagion – enjoy your drawing.


  6. I’d never crocheted before until this summer, despite a few attempts over the years to learn. Then I was persuaded to crochet a jellyfish for the St Abbs Woolscape project, with some help from the lovely Jennie Howes of SkyBluePink. And then Jennie persuaded me that really it was only a small step to crochet a shawl. I can’t tell you how many times I started this shawl before ripping it out and putting it away again. But then a couple of weekends ago I decided this time I was not going to be beaten – and, more than a few false starts later, by the end of the weekend I had crocheted an Elise shawl. So if I can do it, Bekki, you definitely can! (Although I should warn you that I am still crocheting in my sleep…)

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  7. Well done in taking up crochet, Bekki. I have never tried, although I can’t say I’m not intrigued by it. It all looks very complicated and, like you, I’d probably have trouble with the tension. People who do it always seem totally engrossed in it, so it must be good. When I was at uni, one girl used to make dresses for anyone who wanted. They obviously bought the wool and she charged for making the garment, so she made a nice little bit of spending money for herself. Vert enterprising, I would say. Anyway, have fun with yours and your new challenge.

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    1. Ah ha! See, I’m now working on leading you astray over crochet 😉 Very enterprising of your friend, but I would imagine she earned her money, must take a long time to crochet a dress. I once signed up to knit for money when I was a student. I knitted one jumper and stopped – it just wasn’t worth it.


  8. Impressed with your determination, I’ve had a couple of goes at crochet, but just can’t seem to get the gang of it either. I find knitting really intuitive though. Life too busy at the moment, but will definitely give it another go once things quieter down a little again…

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    1. It’s the first time I’ve tried and I really loved my lesson yesterday – I wasn’t sure I would. I can be quiet cack-handed and I was all fingers and thumbs at the start. Of course I’m very very very slow at the moment . I agree knitting is very intuitive, but then I’ve been doing it so long. Yes, definitely give it another go when you have time. I waited until I really had space to really enjoy the lesson and hopefully to keep practising now, so maybe that,s making it easier just to sit and say ok I’m not so great at the moment, but I’ll get there.

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    1. You’re absolutely right, it was. Nice and sociable and no sitting in front of YouTube questioning if I was doing it right. I love your crochet too – keep posting and inspiring me. I don’t have enough hours in the day already, so what’s another pull on my time? 😉

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  9. I was taught by a friend who was taught by her neighbour. I love crochet. The secret is relax, and tension will be fine. And a lot of counting! Enjoy your third challenge. Can’t wait to read about the last one!

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