Progress on my first 4 x 4 challenge

Last Friday I started my first Four Weeks Four Challenges challenge by challenging myself to knit a lacy jumper similar to this one…

Four weeks four challenges - Bekki Hill - Lacy Jumper Four weeks four challenges - Bekki Hill - lacy jumper close up

I started by measuring a few of my jumpers and came up with a sketch of the necessary measurements…

Lacy jumper Sketch

Like all well behaved knitters, I then knitted a tension square, to work out how many stitches I needed. I knitted one in stocking stitch and one in trellis stitch to check out if the lacy pattern changed the tension. When both knitted to the same tension, keen to get on with the jumper itself, I figured the other stitches would too – besides I couldn’t quite decide what they would be.

I’d like to say I knitted in all sorts of exotic and interesting places, but we were having quiet bank holiday weekend.  So, apart from doing a few rows of rib in over a cuppa at Lovely Neighbour’s house – lovely but not exotic – I knitted in the evenings in front of the telly. I didn’t even knit in the car as complicated stitches necessitate looking down and we all know the result of doing that for too long on windy roads.

I knitted double rib

Knitting - Double Rib

I knitted trellis stitch

Knitting - Trelis Stitch

I knitted three spots in a group.

Knitting -Three Spot

I knitted Flower Garden from Lesley Stanfield’s Essential Stitch Collection.

Knitting - Flower Garden

This is how far I got…

Bekki Hill Lacy Jumper In King Cole Bamboo

I would have liked to have got further, because I’m picking up my second of my 4 x 4 challenges tomorrow, so no lacy knitting over the weekend and tonight is book group, so no more lacy knitting until next week.

On the whole it went well. Although the yarn has a stretch and sag quality that cotton yarns often have -or is that just me – once stretched it stays that way, which meant getting too enthusiastic pulling slipped stiches over didn’t make for pretty.

Saggy Stitches

This stretching quality also makes it harder to knit neat even stitches.

Uneven stitches

The yarn also has a tendency to split a little when tinking, but apart from Saturday night, under the influence of a little red wine, when the Flower Garden pattern wouldn’t set itself in the right places, very little backwards motion occurred.

More reports on progress – if any – next week and back tomorrow with my next 4 x 4 challenge.

Onwards and upwards!


19 thoughts on “Progress on my first 4 x 4 challenge

  1. I have never tried anything this complicated! Very impressed with what you’ve achieved so far and also with your self discipline as a knitter – I try to get away without tension squares if I can:)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you. I never used to make tension squares. Now I’m designing things myself I feel it’s a must to calculate how many stitches I need to use. But then if I knit from a pattern I now do tensions squares these days, so may be it’s my age 😉

      Liked by 1 person

    1. You’re too kind. Fingers crossed it fits and isn’t elephant or matchstick size. And tension squares I think are essential when you’re making it up as you go along. So not such a goody two shoes there 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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