UFO Wars – 50 Shades of Green

For a while now I’ve been very very worried that I’m not going to make the deadline on my secret cross stitch project. So much so I’ve turned into a crazy lady  spending every spare minute cross stitching, constantly calculating threads used vs threads left, and in my dreams I see cross stitches falling like cheap space invaders.

Too much green cross stitch
A wee peek at the project, but I can’t show much as it is top secret

A week or so before Easter I started working with green thread – very dark pistachio green according to the instructions. After sewing a lot of very dark pistachio green I moved to the next colour – dark pistachio green. There was an awful lot of dark pistachio green to sew too.

By Easter Sunday I was well and truly sick of sewing green, but Hurrah! I had finally finished sewing the dark pistachio green. With hope in my heart I identified the next symbol I needed to work on – a circle with a dot in the middle, like a tiny bubble of frog spawn.

Frog Spawn symbol

Holding my breath I checked the corresponding list….

‘Please please please don’t let the frog spawn  be another green thread,’ I whispered.

But quelle horreur!

Pistachio Green
The frog spawn symbol corresponded to medium pistachio green.

Worse still, a quick, half-wincing, glance at the list told me light pistachio green and very light pistachio green were yet to come! A project that had felt so shiny, new and exciting only a few weeks ago had turned into my own personal circle of hell!

If the cross stitch hadn’t been a gift with a very very tight deadline, I would undoubtedly have consigned it to the UFO pile put it in down for a while and started working on something else. But it must be finished in time, so I’ve battled on.

In the past this sort of traumatic experience would have been filed as a bad memory. However, when I declared war on my UFOs back in January, I began considering why certain projects ended up in the UFO pile. In February, I identified activities within a creative project that lead us to abandon it as points of greatest resistance. Too much green was definitely a point of Great resistance.

Who’d have thought it? I live in the countryside. I love green fields, I love green leaves, I love green!

IMG_1103 IMG_2333

So what have I learned from this?

  • To do my best to ensure monotony doesn’t creep into my creative endeavours.
  • If it is essential to work through a dull stretch I need to mindfully make my way through it, or create breaks rather than allowing myself to stop and let the project slide off to the UFO pile.
  • Although clearly anything too monotonous is going to turn us off, I’m amazed at the psychological impact sewing a large amount of the same colour had on me. In future I will aim to be more aware of how such simple things are impacting on my mind set.

However, far more importantly, this experience has also reminded me not to allow monotony to creep into any part of my life.

22 thoughts on “UFO Wars – 50 Shades of Green

  1. Poor you, so much green. Hopefully it will all be worth it in the end. I find a deadline is what usually keeps me going but then anything for me gets put aside. I have started a one a month, monthly challenge. I have challenged myself to make/finish one ‘me’ project and one stocking present each for the two children a month. The blog is helping me stick to it!! Feel free to join in! 🙂 Sharon x

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    1. Yes, nothing like a tight deadline! Your one a month sounds more like three a month! Thanks for asking me to join in, but at least for now I will decline – May is going to be learn to crochet month for me, so I want to give that as much time as it needs. Although I’m also thinking of slipping in a weekend project challenge. I agree blogging is great for getting us to stick to our promises and also, of course, other bloggers support spurs us on – Thanks for yours. On with the green! Bx

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      1. Mmm, I know!! One for me, one for Abi and one for Josh, that’s where the one comes in!! I left it all to the last minute last year and didn’t have time to make what I wanted to for the kids so this year they will hopefully get at least 12 handmade pressies! x

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      2. I agree with you. It’s so easy to end up in a rush and not finishing half of what you plan for Christmas. Can’t start too early if you ask me. I’ve already knitted myself a Christmas jumper and am now working on one for my youngest.

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  2. Well done you for sticking at it!

    It is interesting how time limits push you forward, you seem to thrive on deadlines!

    I noticed recently that I have changed – I used to want to rush through to get my item finished as quickly as possible, but now I enjoy the process of making. (Although I imagine the cross-stitch would stretch that somewhat!)

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    1. Hello! Thanks for your thoughts. In general I’m rushing less and enjoying more too. Hate to say it, but it’s probably our age.

      Cross stitch, if you ask me, is pretty monotonous. For me doing it more about doing something a bit meditative. I don’t see it as being particularly creative, unless you design your own. So cross stitch to deadline probably wasn’t the best plan before the green got to me.


  3. Well done with being so firm with yourself Bekki. I can imagine how you felt about using all that green.I think I’d have been going bozz-eyed. I used to do a lot of embriodery in the years when I had the time (i.e. pre-children days). I made cushion covers and table cloths mostly. The table cloths were well used for years, although nowadays, people rarely use them. Interesting and enjoyable post, as always. 🙂

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    1. Thank you. I’m afraid though as it is a present it has to be finished, so it’s fear rather than determination driving me. As you say, people don’t use tablecloths, so there isn’t a lot of call for embroidery these days. I do love embroidery, so hope it makes a resurgence. And thank you for saying such nice things about my post 🙂

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