Course Corrections

Now we’ve stepped into April and have passed the quarter of the year mark, it’s high time I reviewed my year so far. Reviewing has a multitude of benefits, one being that we can see how we’re progressing. This then allows us to:

  • Identify if we’re still on course
  • Make corrections to bring us back on track
  • Change our mind about the directions we want to head in

This year has been pretty full on, so creative progress has been somewhat hampered. But life always has something to chuck at you, so I’m not complaining, just allowing myself to take that into account when I see how far I’ve got this year.

So, what have I achieved in my creative life so far this year?

I’m almost halfway through the UFO list I created in January, having completed the knitted slippers, the blinds and the curtain tiebacks.

Finished Slippers Finished Roman Blinds Laura Ashley Whitby Check  Fabric Curtains with Tiebacks Laura Ashley Whitby Check Curtain Tieback

I started this blog and at March 31st I’d:

  • Consistently posted three times a week
  • Gained 234 followers and had over 2,200 hits – A big THANK YOU to you all you amazing people for that!
  • Blogged 10,895 words
  • Received the Liebster award

I’ve also:

  • Knitted a cowl and a Christmas jumper
  • Attended a sewing workshop at Cowslip Workshops
  • Had one sewing ‘fun’ day with a friend
  • Written 5,600 words of a novel
  • Started two secret knitting projects and one secret cross stitch

Reindeer JumperGarter Stitch CowlRibbingCross Stitch kit

Not too shabby considering how full-on my year’s been so far.

But what have I NOT achieved that I hoped I would have by now?

I’ve only read two books since I set my year’s list at the start of this month. I also haven’t:

Bethelhem Star Block Lanarte Embriodery

As I said at the start of this post, there’s a lot I could analyse from this, but the questions I’m going to ask are:

  • How am I going to build on what I’ve achieved?
  • What more do I want to achieve in these areas?
  • Why haven’t I achieved the things that I meant to achieve but haven’t?
  • Do I still want to achieve the things I haven’t achieved and, if so, how/when am I going to achieve them?

What have you achieved so far this year?

Are there course corrections you want/need to make?

14 thoughts on “Course Corrections

    1. Thanks Carina! One great thing about reviewing is that we usually underestimate what we’ve achieved until we look properly. So it does buoy us up and inspire us to achieve more.


  1. How organized – I can see how your life coaching must be great. I have beaten my goal of blogging twice a week over the past year as well as linking posts to Twitter and keeping Pinterest and Facebook up to date. All this naturally makes me more productive so that I’ve actually got something to show! The next twelve months goals are to continue along the same vein.

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  2. From where I sit Bekki it’s seems like you’re doing great, but I also know how it is to have personal goals and want to achieve them. I love your attitude of course correction. Too often I don’t allow my self to correct my plans when life throws me an unexpected curve ball. I need to be better at that and your post is very helpful. On another note, I love that you cross stitch. I did for about 20 years and then moved into other crafts. I still have my supplies- I should pick it up again. It’s so relaxing.

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    1. Thank you. Glad the post was helpful. The Japanese have a saying I often remind myself of, Fall down seven times get up eight. I love that it no only reminds us that when things go wrong or out of kilter the important thing is to not let them stop us, but that it concedes we’re sometimes hit by a lot more than one curved ball. Hope you enjoy picking up the cross stitch, I agree it’s relaxing – almost meditative.

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  3. You’ve done brilliantly and are as inspirational as ever. As for me, I’m pleased with my writing. It’s been a tough few months but I’ve made good progress with my novel. I need to review my goals now so thank you for the timely reminder. xx

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  4. I’m incredibly impressed, not only by what you’ve accomplished this year, but by your own determination and the organisation behind all the planning. You should be proud of yourself, although I know you feel you haven’t achieved as much as you’s hoped. I need to get on with my book and stop playing around with flash fiction! Lovely post, Bekki. 🙂

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      1. I intend to seriously focus on my book after Easter. Having said those very words at Christmas, I do intend to keep my word this time. Thanks Bekki. Your excellent post gave me a bit of a shake up. 🙂

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  5. It’s amazing how much you have achieved in such a small amount of time. Well done. Such a variety of creative things too. I love the knitted boots. So far this year I have done some scrapbooking, helped my daughter sew a skirt, written lots of flash fiction and entered some writing competitions. However, I have not read a single book and I haven’t been working on my chapter book which I had hoped to finish by June. Must get onto that!

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