Wordless Wednesday – Creative Prompt: Shipwreck at Northcott Mouth Beach

My (almost) Wordless Wednesday pictures are intended to celebrate creativity, inspire, interest, raise a smile and/or offer a prompt for those who would like to use them as creative writing prompts – or a prompt for some other form of creativity.

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Spoiler Alert!

If you wish to use the pictures as a wordless prompt, don’t read on; an explanation of the shipwreck follows:

Sunday was a glorious day here in the West Country and we went for a walk along the beach that runs between Bude and Sandymouth Bay. The tide was low and as we reached Northcott Mouth Bay we  came across the wreck of the SS Belem – a Portuguese cargo ship that sunk in 1917.

The SS Belem had mostly been hidden beneath the sand until February last year, when storms washed away the sand. This was the first time we had seen so much of it – Although we visited Sandymouth quite a lot last year, the wreck is only visible at low tide. It was both an awesome and an eerie sight – despite the sunshine. Also incredible to see that the power of the storms could wash away so much sand.

If you want to see more, Bude and Beyond’s website has a picture of the original ship and aerial photographs taken on Monday.


5 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – Creative Prompt: Shipwreck at Northcott Mouth Beach

  1. You live in a very beautiful part of the UK, Bekki. I live near Lincoln now, and I’ve been down to Cornwall several times – Bude in particular. We were thinking of moving to Cornwall at one time, then decided to make it Devon (Crediton) instead. From there were were in and out of Cornwall regularly.
    Anyway, I love the beaches along the stretch including Bude. Those red sandstone cliffs displaying the incredible folds are awesome. (I’m a geologist by training.) You’re right about the fearsome power of storms, too.
    Your excellent photos of the wreck could well inspire a story or two, so thank you for sharing them. Although I’ve never seen the wreck, the photos gave me a little trip down Memory Lane. 🙂


  2. The pictures are so beautiful – touching, actually – the way the calm water surrounds the rusting remains, reflecting the clear blue sky. Your post reminds me of Gordon Lightfoot’s beautiful song, The Ghosts of Capehorn. Have you heard it?

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    1. Yes, I think the weather made a real impact. I wonder what it’s like on a more miserable day. I’ll endeavour to go back, although the tide has to be very low and also less included to head for the beach on those sort of days.

      I hadn’t heard The Ghosts of Cape Horn, but Youtube put me right. Wow! Yes, beautiful and sent a shiver down my spine. Thank you for introducing it to me.


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