Tackling my Procrastination List: The Beast in the Box

On Wednesday afternoon I finally faced the project on my procrastination list that I was most reluctant to work on. At 3pm I gathered the essentials: The Beast in the Box, my sewing box, rings, cord, scissors, my trusty 1995 copy of Curtains and Blinds, a cup of tea, one chocolate Hobnob and four squares of chocolate.

Blind Resizing Essentials

I drank the tea. I ate the Hobnob. I ate the chocolate. I went to the pantry to find more chocolate. Fighting the need to make another cuppa, I picked up my tape measure.

Tape Measure

I measured The Beast. I measured the window. So far so good, but then I removed one of the rods. To my horror, it wasn’t made of dowelling, which could be easily cut down, but…

Metal Rods


My immediate reaction was to reach for the hobnobs and the kettle – but instead I stared at the rods and thought…

Could the metal be easily cut down? I hate to be a girl about this, but I can be quite cack-handed. This really wasn’t worth sawing a finger off for. This felt like Lovely Husband’s territory. But what if he couldn’t do it?

I looked at the blind on the floor and thought again. I looked at the blinds that were already up.


I measured again, thought some more and measured one final time. I discovered that if the metal could be cut, I’d have to adjust the blinds by a different amount to if the rods couldn’t.

At this point I could have easily tucked the blind back into the box and waited for Lovely Husband to come home to give a verdict on metal cutting. However, by now, not one, but two strange transformations had occurred; the binds looked quite friendly and I was keen to get them finished. Truly it was a cruel irony that now I wanted to work on them, I couldn’t. Still, I’d do what I could…

I removed the rest of the rods. To my delight, I found the rings, through which the cord threaded, were only sewn in at the bottom, the rest clipped to the rods. Huzzah! This meant no unpicking and, once the blind was altered, they’d simply  clip back on.


Of course I already knew what Wednesday afternoon taught me:

  •  The Beast is rarely half as scary once it’s out of the box.
  • We can’t be sure of what we’re dealing with until we look properly.

Despite already knowing these things, I’d procrastinated for months over the blinds, questing my abilities and fearing the worst.

On Wednesday evening, Lovely Husband came home and said he could cut the metal. On Thursday I did the necessary cutting, pressing and sewing. The blinds aren’t  up yet, because I have to wait for LH to cut the rods at the weekend. However, I’m all but there and I’m ready to tackle the next project on my procrastination list.

I hope everyone who was inspired to work on their Beast in the Box has found time to start – if not finish – and I’m wondering what you have learned from your experience?

4 thoughts on “Tackling my Procrastination List: The Beast in the Box

  1. Well done you for sticking to your project, its encouraging to see you work through your list, mostly because you write positively about obstacles I struggle with too.

    I don’t think I have a beast in the box, one of the most challenging aspects for me is that there are no time limits. I work from home – there are no deadlines to speak of – there is always tomorrow.

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